Themes for Flower Displays

Themes for Flower Displays

It is human nature to be captivated by a lot of things at first glance. From clothes to accessories. We are inquisitors, we love to see the beauty around us, which is why we always look twice when presented with it. A beautiful display will always catch the attention of passerby whether subconsciously or on purpose, but if it’s the second glance you’re looking for, then we have some ideas that just might work.

Seasonal Display


Sugar, spice, and bouquets just as nice, is our recipe for a fall display. This season is usually associated with pumpkin everything which mashes exceptionally well with some of our shade of orange roses and other earthy tones farm-fresh wholesale flowers. Orange, yellow, coral, and anything in between are solid display colors for Autumn.


There’s nothing we love more in winter than to bundle up with a book, preferably in front of a fire. Call us old school, but white will always have a special place in our winter arrangements. Our wholesale white roses are the perfect winter wonderland decoration, sprinkled with burgundy, beige, and cerulean color palettes.


Spring is nature’s way of saying that after every storm, comes a rainbow. The spring color palette is full of warm colors like cream, green in all of its shades, salmon, and frankly, a little bit of everything. Our roses come in every color under the sun, and even multiple ones at the same time, the sky is the limit when it comes to spring arrangements. 


Blue skies and sunshine, summer is what the whole year is all about. Brightly colored roses are just what the lifeguard ordered. Blue, lavender, violet, and lilac are the colors we recommend for a swimmingly cheerful display.

Now, the seasons do play a role in choosing the color palettes of one’s displays, but within a season, there are a lot of holidays to consider. We will name a few as well as add some ideas on what you can use.

Holidays Display

Christmas and Valentine’s

Red is the color strongly connected to Christmas and Valentine’s Day which is why most displays are that color. Displays full of red roses interwoven and shaped into hearts, a rose Christmas tree, bouquets of white and red flowers surrounded by balloons or Christmas hats, you name it.

Halloween and Thanksgiving

When it comes to carving pumpkins or baking them into pies, everyone knows that Halloween and Thanksgiving have an orange theme. Their association with Autumn is the way to go when decorating any display for these two holidays. Our wholesale orange roses flowers and Halloween Tinted Roses Collection is perfect for the occasion.

There’s a slew of ways to decorate rose displays to catch attention, and the themes are but a few petals. Holidays and seasons each have their own unique aesthetic which we can use to our advantage.