Whether as a firm or as individuals, at Asiri Blooms we aim to be the best version of ourselves every day. This means we have a responsibility to the communities in which we work, as well as to our customers, hardworking employees, our abundant planet, and our society.

Environmental Responsibility

Every day, the Earth showers us with gifts, including an environment that allows us to grow the loveliest flowers. As farmers and naturalists, we regard the planet as our most precious resource and prioritize environmental projects. It is our responsibility to take only what we require and to protect the environment.

Recycled and Natural Water Sources

By replacing a substantial portion of our water needs with rainwater, which is a relatively clean and free supply of water, we encourage water self-sufficiency and help conserve water on our farms and for the local communities.

Eco-friendly Floral Boxes

Asiri Blooms is dedicated to using environmentally friendly packaging. Our company is one of the few that does not use any plastics in its packaging. Our floral boxes and packaging are made following worldwide biodegradable guidelines.

Cut To Order

All of our flowers are cut to order. We only cut flowers that are in perfect condition when orders are processed, ensuring that our customers receive the freshest product possible. 

Commitment Without Limits

We actively engage in the areas where our farms are located, aiming to have a beneficial influence on people and the environment. We collaborate with our neighbors to explore ways to enhance the area surrounding our farms and to put in place safety and well-being measures. We always prioritize individuals from the local community when recruiting, and we constantly gather input so that we can learn what matters to them. Our team participates in community outreach programs such as local donation drives, community projects, and cooperatives.

Women’s Leadership

We aim to increase women's self-esteem and autonomy by enhancing their talents and abilities so that they can achieve their personal goals. We are devoted to hiring women to economically empower them. 

Employees well being

Our employees' health and safety always come first. We have an on-site medical dispensary, where our employees receive free annual medical care and medication delivery.

Integrated Pest Control

In keeping with Asiri Blooms’ aim of making a positive change, our expert agronomists have developed a rigorous integrated pest management approach. Over the years, we've examined and altered our approach to produce great results while also safeguarding the environment and our employees' health and safety. In combination with Ecuadorian government-approved agrochemicals, we use strategies like growing mint to deter aphids and other potential pests, as well as guarantee the quality and optimal moisture of the soil.


All of our green waste, including field and post-harvest, is composted using sophisticated technology. To maintain healthy soils, this organic matter is permanently restored to the soil of our crops. This way, we reduce our reliance on chemical fertilizers by more than 30% while boosting the quality of our blooms. Our waste management strategy maximizes recycling efficiency and nutrient re-incorporation in the soil.